Monika Zawadzki (b. 1977) is a Warsaw-based visual artist. She creates sculptures, paintings, and videos. One of the major themes of her work is the idea of the creation of identity, expressed by means of universal forms. The artist concentrates on questions connected with exclusion or social limitations, on the mechanisms of functioning of individuals, on alterity and corporeality. In addition, she is interested in the co-existence of lives in the frame of social, biological or political orders, and also in a broad understanding of the question of material transformations. She understands the natural community of animate and inanimate matter as a symbiosis on the interpersonal level and on the level of relations with nature and civilisation.


In her multimedia work she has attempted to create models to displace and to shift modes of sensing, perceiving and experiencing relationships of human bodies with their environments. Her sculptures, installations, paintings, graphic design conceive an order that suspends certain hierarchies in methodologies for organizing a common world. Using minimal forms, she searches for the most basic and simple elements, grammar and formulas, that could connect diverse and seemingly dissimilar components of our environment in order to establish a new, non-hierarchical community between living and non-living matter, humans and animals and diverse civilisational projects.


Monika Zawadzki studied Graphic Art at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. She has shown her work in solo exhibitions, e.g. at the CCAUjazdowski Castle in Warsaw (2008, 2010), Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev (2012), ZachętaNational Gallery of Art in Warsaw (2014) and Künstlerhaus in Graz (2017). She participated in group shows, e.g. Museum of Art in Łódź (2011, 2013, 2014), Museum of Odessa Modern Art (2013), National Art Museum of China, Beijing (2015). Her sculptures and murals are in collections of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, ZachętaNational Gallery of Art, CCAUjazdowski Castle, both in Warsaw, and the city of Auroville in India. She is also involved in independent projects. Applied graphic design is an important area of her practice. She received her PhD from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2011). Monika Zawadzki is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin.